A survey of Varroa destructor strains on Apis mellifera in Turkey

publication date: Dec 1, 2004
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Journal of Apicultural Research Vol. 43 (4) pp. 190 - 191
DateDecember 2004
Article TitleA survey of Varroa destructor strains on Apis mellifera in Turkey
Author(s)Natapot Warrit, Timothy AR Hagen, Deborah R Smith and Ibrahim Cakmak
AbstractThis report extends the work of Cakmak et al. (2003), who surveyed the occurrence of varroa and tracheal mites in the Republic of Turkey. Their study revealed that tracheal mites occur only rarely in Turkey, whereas varroa mites are abundant. However, the initial report did not include information about the strains (haplotypes or mitochondrial genotypes) of V. destructor found in Turkey. Two major strains of V. destructor, one native to Korean and one native to Japanese A. cerana, have colonized A. mellifera. The Japan strain, which has been found on A. mellifera in Japan and South America (Anderson & Trueman, 2000) is less virulent and causes less damage to the colony than the Korea strain which has been identified in North America, Europe and Asia (Anderson & Trueman, 2000). Here we report the strains of V. destructor found in Turkey as background information for beekeepers in this area.
KeywordsTurkey, Varroa destructor, Apis mellifera, mtDNA, cytochrome oxidase I, restriction enzyme digest